Reading and Spelling Tutoring

What will work?

Research has proven that a strong Orton-Gillingham influenced program is highly effective in improving the reading skills of struggling readers (whether diagnosed with Dyslexia or not).


Reading and Spelling Tutoring services are offered to students that are struggling with reading and/or spelling.  Dawn Johnson is certified in the The Barton Reading and Spelling System.  The Barton System is a strong Orton-Gillingham influenced program.  It’s multi-sensory systematic approach meets the needs of not only the dyslexic student, but the needs of most struggling readers with or without ADD/ADHD symptoms.

If your child is having difficulty in reading, the traditional approach to learning has failed him.  This is why a specialized tutoring program is needed to bring him up to grade level and continue to increase his understanding of the English language to become an effective reader throughout his life.    For this reason, a minimum of 2 hours per week tutoring is required to make the needed progress within a reasonable time frame.  It is extremely important that the consistency of the scope and sequence of these lessons be adhered to for the success of the student.  That means help with everyday homework will not be part of these specialized tutoring sessions.

How long will it take?

There is no guarantee as to the time frame that your child will be up to grade reading level.083  Depending on the severity level of dyslexia (or other factors that effect reading) and whether the child has ADD/ADHD symptoms, you can expect this intervention to take generally 18-36 months.  This is a very “general” time quote.  Consistency is crucial for the success and speed of progress.  Please realize that although it is EXTREMELY important to nurture and cultivate your child’s other interests and activities, at this point in their academic career, reading intervention needs to be made a priority.

                                        These children are typically very intelligent!!! 

The fact that they’re struggling to read and spell has NOTHING to do with their intelligence. In fact, most struggling readers are very logical learners.  If they are taught the “how’s” and “why’s”, they can learn and it “sticks”.   Rote random memorization with no logic behind the learning will not be the most effective way they learn.  This is why the Barton System and any TRUE Orton-Gillingham based reading intervention is so successful.