Want to talk?

Learn what Dyslexia looks like and let’s sit down with schoolwork samples, and report cards to determine if there are warning signs that point to Dyslexia.  

Hourly Consultation

Educating parents, teachers and school administrators is the only way to make changes and advocate for bright students who often have considerable strengths in many areas but may be showing significant struggles in reading, spelling, and writing. Consultation sessions are offered to anyone who is concerned about a student meeting this profile and wants more information.

Full Consultation

The Full Consultation is designed for the parent who wants a more student-specific individual approach.  Included in this consultation process is a review of any prior testing results, report cards,  and current writing samples.  After these items are forwarded in advance, and reviewed, a meeting will be held with the parent.  At this meeting, the parent will be asked a series of questions to help the consultant identify the student’s struggles.  Parent concerns and observations will also be discussed.   The parent will then be advised whether the struggles of the child (based on the submitted paperwork and parent input)  point towards Dyslexia or whether there may be something else causing the reading/spelling/writing struggles.   If there are enough warning signs of Dyslexia, the parent will be explained and shown how the child’s paperwork may reflect the Dyslexia profile and recommendations will be made to help the child succeed academically.

*A Full Consultation  is often a prerequisite to an in-depth one-on-one Dyslexia Screening with the student.*