Payment Options / Policies


Payment for the entire month (minimum of 8 lessons), is due at the first lesson of each month.


Two ways to pay:

Pay using Paypal at the beginning of each month

Pay via check when you bring your child at the first lesson of each month



(Please read before committing to tutoring sessions)


  • Tuition for the entire month is due at the first session of the month.  As a minimum of two days per week are required, each month will consist of at least eight (8) sessions.
  • Your child’s sessions are standing appointments.
  • This special time is a commitment on your part and mine. Consistency in attendance is a primary factor in achieving educational growth.  When your child misses a lesson, it is expected to be made-up.
  • If an emergency occurs, please call me in advance, if possible, and advise me of your cancellation.
  • There are no refunds for missed or canceled appointments.  Make-up sessions will be offered for missed appointments where 24 hours advance notice is given.  Dawn Johnson will make two scheduling opportunities available for make-up sessions.  If a make-up session cannot be arranged during these two opportunities, the tuition fee for the missed session will be considered earned by Dawn Johnson and no future make-up opportunity for this absence will be allowed.
  • Excessive cancellations without make-up sessions may result in the termination of services for the student.
  • Prompt arrivals and pick-ups are essential. Appointments are tightly scheduled, and there is no supervision or private waiting area available.
  • Please notify me when there are any changes regarding who will be picking up your child.  Your child’s safety and security is critical.
  • By May 1st of each year, you will be asked to notify Dawn Johnson what days and times you are requesting for your summer tutoring session.   These sessions are usually held in the mornings.  Also, additional students attend during the summer.  These additional students will be offered time slots available AFTER May 1st giving year-round students first choice in days/times.  When school starts again after summer, students who have been with me the longest will have priority to reclaim their previous year’s after-school tutoring times and days of the week.
Because I specialize in tutoring dyslexic children, there are certain things that I do not do.
  • I will not attend IEP or 504 meetings. A consultation session is recommended if parents want to educate themselves with dyslexia to enable themselves with information in preparation for such meetings regarding recommendations of accommodations, etc.
  • I do not assist with homework. I provide specialized tutoring.  The two hours per week needs to be solely dedicated to improving the reading and spelling of your child at this point in their academic career in order to make the needed progress necessary in a timely manner.
  • I do not consult with the student’s teachers or other extended relatives except by special arrangement which will be charged an hourly consultation fee.