Dyslexia Screening

Could it be Dyslexia?

If your child has enough warning signs to suspect Dyslexia, a one-on-one in-depth screening can be conducted to determine if he fits the dyslexia profile.

What to expect…

  1. An initial consultation with parents will be held (parents will send report cards, any prior testing results, and current schoolwork samples prior to this consultation).

  2. If there are enough warning signs to suspect Dyslexia, a date for the student screening will be set.

  3. An in-depth screening with the student will be performed (usually divided into two days totaling approximately 3-1/2 hours).  A battery of specific tests exclusive to determining Dyslexia will be administered.

  4. A written report containing the screening results will be generated.  If Dyslexia is found to be the cause of your child’s struggles, the report will also state the level of severity, and recommendations for interventions and accommodations.

  5. A final parent meeting will be held to discuss results and receive a written report.  This report will enable parents to help their child succeed academically by understanding the way their child learns and how to advocate for him.

Many PRIVATE schools will accept this report to provide classroom accommodations.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Public schools WILL NOT accept this report for qualification of an IEP or 504 Plan.