Effects of Early Reading Intervention

Reading Intervention

Studies have shown, after an effective (research proven) reading intervention early in a child’s academic career, a shift in the development of  specific areas of the brain occur.

Struggling readers rely on more areas of their right-side of the brain than skilled readers who read using mainly their left posterior system for rapid, automatic word recognition. With a strong Orton-Gillingham program, like the Barton Reading System, struggling readers activate their neural systems that are mostly in the back of their left-side of the brain.  It is clear to see that early intervention is so critical while the brain is developing at a rapid pace…don’t wait for it to “click”.  Summer is fast approaching and is a perfect time to give your child the skills he/she needs to become a successful, confident reader.

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Phonemic Awareness Summer Program

Summer Lessons, Dyslexia

 Summer Lessons

A “Phonemic Awareness” (8 lesson) private tutoring program is being offered this summer ideally for rising 1st and 2nd graders who may be struggling with reading.  Phonemic Awareness is a skill that everyone must possess to be a successful reader.  For many, this skill does not come naturally.

The good news is that it CAN be learned with the right type of instruction.  These eight lessons will focus primarily on teaching this skill and (if time permitting) reinforcing letter/sound recognition of consonants, short vowels, and common digraphs along with proven techniques in reading and spelling with these letters/sounds enabling children to begin next year with a solid foundation for reading.

Registration for summer tutoring begins May 2nd.

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